Easy payment options. We accept all major credit cards, Venmo, and Paypal. We will even take Bitcoin as payment!

Wait... no insurance payments? But...  

Nope. We do not accept insurance for many reasons. We don't want our medical care to be subject to influences by insurance companies. We want to provide the best care at the least cost to you. We will provide what is right and necessary! We are transparent, no hidden costs. And we do it for less! Typical costs are about the same as one dinner out! Less than most co-pays!





Email for more details or questions!

We are here to serve New Mexico. Easy telemedicine services. Get your Rx (no controlled substances). We are Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine trained. Simple pricing. Ask about home visits! 

Simple. No insurance necessary. Taos' first affordable clinic.

Appointments via Telemedicine for the cost of a co-pay!

Text @ 575-395-7500 for an appointment or click "scheduling" above. 

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